Tour in Panamá & Colombia

We are happy to be in Panamá at the moment, getting ready for our little tour in Latin America!

Please see the info below for show dates:

September 30th- Workshop in Panamá

October 1st- Concert  in Panamá at Teatro Ateneo, Ciudad del Saber, 8pm

October 2nd- Concert at Universidad de Los Andes, Auditorio Alberto Lleras, 7pm, Bogotá

October 3rd- John Zorn Masada Marathon, Teatro Colsubsidio Roberto Arias Pérez, Bogotá

October 5th- Concert t Universiad EAFIT, 7.30pm, Medellín



Mycale on the New York Times

We are extremely happy to have a feature on this weekend’s NY Times, by Ben Rattliff!

” …And the group’s second record, “Gomory: The Book of Angels, Vol. 25” (Tzadik), released in May, is astonishingly beautiful, a high point in the series: The singers’ individually rigorous tones and dispositions and arranging impulses surround the music and give it another dimension of originality; it sounds medieval and new at the same time.

Click here to read the whole article.

Mycale in NYC- Residency at The Stone

From September 15th-20th Mycale will present a weeklong residency at John Zorn’s NYC club  The Stone, celebrating the release of our NEW ALBUM “Gomory”. We will present 12 sets of music in 6 nights,including three different sets of MYCALE + guests(Ikue MoriAnat Fort  & Aubrey Johnson Erik Friedlander) .
Sofia Rei “Umbral”
Sofia Rei – Voice
Sara Serpa “City Fragments Ensemble”
Sara Serpa, Sofia Rei, Aubrey Johnson (voices), André Matos (guitar) Matt Brewer (bass), Tyshawn Sorey (drums)
Malika Zarra Solo & Duo
Malika Zarra (voice) & Amino Belyamani (piano)
Sofia Rei “Coplas Escondidas”
Sofia Rei (voice), Jorge Roeder (bass)
Mycale + Ikue Mori
Ayelet Rose, Sofia Rei, Sara Serpa, Malika Zarra (voices), Ikue Mori (electronics)
Ayelet & Anat Duo
Ayelet Rose (voice), Anat Fort (piano)
Mycale & friends
Ayelet Rose, Sofia Rei, Sara Serpa, Malika Zarra (voices)
Guests: Anat Fort (piano) & Aubrey Johnson (voice)
Malika & Amino Duo
Malika Zarra (voice) & Amino Belyamani (piano)
Mycale CD Release Concert: GOMORY, Book of Angels, Vol 25
Ayelet Rose, Sofia Rei, Sara Serpa, Malika Zarra (voices)
Sara Serpa & Andre Matos Quartet
Sara Serpa (voice), Andre Matos (guitar), Pete Rende (piano), Billy Mintz (drums)
Mycale + Erik Friedlander
Ayelet Rose, Sofia Rei, Sara Serpa, Malika Zarra (voices), Erik Friedlander – Cello
Ayelet Rose “12 Lunar Meditations: Summoning The Witches”
Ayelet Rose, Sofia Rei, Sara Serpa, Malika Zarra, Kyoko Kitamura, Jay Clayton, Franny Silverman (voices), Eylem Basaldi (violin), Anat Fort (piano), Marika Hughes (cello) Ronen Itzik (drums)

New album is out!


From Tzadik’s website,

here’s a brief description of our new album:

One of the most beautiful of all Book of Angels ensembles, Mycale is an evocative a cappella vocal quartet featuring four of the most creative voices in New Music. In their second CD release they are tighter than ever and approach the Masada music with a sensitive ear, an open heart and a creative imagination. Using a variety of texts in Portuguese, Berber, Hebrew, French and Spanish, they fashion lush harmonies and strong rhythmic drive to bring Zorn’s lyrical and elusive melodies to life like never before. A transcendent follow up to their debut recording, Gomory is truly Music of the Angels.

Get your copy from: